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Sometimes we have shareholders who do not have a current mailing address on file with Evansville, Inc..  These people will not receive voting, dividend or tax information.  If you are on this list or are in contact with someone on this list please contact our office as soon as possible.


                             Marcus Aplin

                             Alexandria Esmailka

                             Jason Irwin





Evansville, Inc. is a village corporation formed under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA).  We are under the umbrella of Doyon, which is the Regional corporation for our area.


Evansville, Inc. stock cannot be bought or sold as it belongs to its shareholders.  As a shareholder, you have a vested interest the corporation's well-being.  By participating in elections and attending meetings you can be involved.  Keeping a current mailing address on file with Evansville, Inc. will ensure you receive information regarding your corporation.


HISTORY OF STOCKS: Original shareholders of Evansville, Inc. received 100 shares of stock.   Abiding by the laws of the Alaska Native Lands Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA), stock shares were given to those with at least 1/4 Alaska Native blood quantum. These shares are labeled as Class A Stock and are inheritable, may be gifted, and are voteable if held by an Alaska Native with at least 1/4 blood quantum or by a direct descendant of the original shareholder.  When a shareholder passes, their stock shares are transferred according to either their stock will or, if non exists, following the Alaska laws of Intestacy. (See more information below) If stock is transferred to a person of non-native descent, they become labeled Class NV Stock, those shares are not voteable; however, are still eligible to receive dividends, are inheritable, and may be gifted.


DIVIDENDS: The board of directors determines if and when a dividend will be paid.  Their decision is based on the current economic standing of the corporation.  Dividend payouts between 1990 and now have ranged between $2 per share to $11 per share.




In order for stock shares to be transferred, ANCSA law requires certain steps must be followed.  On the back of every stock certificate is a "Stock Will".  We always encourage shareholders to complete this because it ensures shares will pass to the person(s) you intend. This must be completed EITHER on each stock certificate a shareholder owns OR on a Testamentary Disposition of Revocation (TDR) form.  If a Stock Will is not completed, a "General Will" completed with another agency or attorney may be taken into account for passing on an individual's shares to heirs, provided Evansville, Inc. shares are specifically mentioned in the General Will or  if it contains a residual clause.  If no stock will or general will exists, shares will be distributed by the Alaska State Laws of Intestacy.  This means the closest relative(s) will receive the shares, usually in order of: 1) spouse, 2) children (if spouse deceased), 3) grandchildren (if spouse & children deceased). 

It is important to update your stock will when changes in life occur, such as: marriage, birth, death, or divorce.



When a shareholder passes, the spouse or closest next of kin needs to notify Evansville, Inc. An Inheritance Questionnaire needs to be completed, notarized and returned to our office along with a copy of the death certificate.  After reviewing the questionnaire Evansville, Inc. will determine how the shares will be distributed.  An Inheritance Questionnaire can be downloaded and mailed to our office.







If any changes occur regarding your personal information it is important to notify Evansville, Inc. so that our records remain accurate. You can use the following form to submit a change of address or change of name or you can contact our office by phone at 907-374-7084 or email at












Evansville Corporation holds an annual meeting to elect board members.  In accordance with the bylaws, the Annual meeting is held in Evansville, Alaska. These meetings have traditionally been held during the month of July.


In April, prior to the meeting, the "First Notice of Annual Meeting and Request for Nominations" is mailed to shareholders eligible to vote.  This is an opportunity for any shareholder interested in running for election to the board to submit an application.


In May the "Notice of Shareholders' Meeting" packets are mailed to shareholders eligible to vote.  This packet includes Proxy (voting) materials, the proposed agenda for the Annual Meeting, and the board's Annual Financial Report.


Casting your vote is very important. The corporation is required to meet a minimum percentage of votes from the shareholders.  If the minimum is not met, the Annual Meeting must be postponed.  This is an additional expense to the corporation which can affect any potential dividends.













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