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An Alaska Native corporation representing the shareholders of Evansville, Inc. stock.

Protection and preservation of its land base is a priority of the Board of Directors.  The Board allows a variety of traditional uses of its land for shareholders and non-shareholders under permit or other formal agreement.


Hunting by non-shareholders is not permitted on Evansville land.  Please check the land map to ensure following this regulation.





Firewood gathering and trapping are permitted on Evansville land by shareholders and non-shareholders holding an approved permit.  Complete and return the Resource Use Permit along with payment in the form of a check to our mailing address.  If approved, your permit will be returned to you.  If not approved, your check will be returned.






Evansville, Inc. leases land to those who are wanting to maintain a home or recreational base in Evansville.  Leases are mapped out and approved on an individual basis.  Please contact our office at 907-374-7084 for further leasing information. You will be asked to submit a Lease Request Form as well.



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